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Our digital approach simplifies and streamlines ship financing to deliver better results for ship owners. During every step of your digital finance journey an oceanis team member will assist you. Starting before you draft a project until signing committed financing terms - we will be right by your side.

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Ship owner - One project - 50+ financiers

One project - 50+ financiers

On our platform international banks, funds, and other institutions are ready to evaluate your project and offer terms. oceanis helps to identify the best financing partner for your project and provides you with terms and benchmarks to maximize your outcome. On more discreet projects, a smaller selection of financiers can be contacted based on your needs and preferences.

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Across all shipping segments and sizes: From the most traditional ship types to more specialized vessels, small tankers, MPPs and offshore, we have worked and will work with every ship type.

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Ship owner - Free to use platform

Free to use platform

Using the platform and uploading projects is free of charge, including consulting and assistance. We only charge a success fee of 1% of the loan volume when the loan is disbursed.

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How to use the oceanis platform

  • 01

    On the start page of the platform you get an overview of the projects of your company. You can view and edit existing projects or add a new project.

  • 02

    For a new project, add the vessel(s) you want to finance and enter their characteristics and financial details.

  • 03

    Before financiers can see your project, we will assist you in finalizing the details. To start this process, submit your project for our review.

  • 04

    Once this bilateral process is completed, your project leaves the review phase and is published on the platform, visible to your pre-selected financiers.

  • 05

    As soon as you receive indicative terms from financiers, you will be informed and you can check them on the platform and request a binding term sheet.

Ship owner - How to use our platform


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