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Ship owner project overview for digital ship finance

Market Case

Ship Owner Perspective

Challenge for shipowners: paperwork takes a long amount of time


Ship owners all around the globe face a multi billion re-financing wall to maintain their business. At the same time traditional financiers have broadly exited the ship finance market due to regulatory pressure or reshuffled their focus towards larger ship owners leaving the majority of SME owners largely underfunded on search for new capital providers. 

Alternative capital providers and banks with fresh market entrance have realised the potential and are ready to take up the slack left behind traditional shipping banks. They are less relationship driven, tend to focus on the underlying asset and are eager to deploy capital in the most efficient manner.

Today, the whole process of sourcing and benchmarking term-sheets can take weeks. However, it is often the case that ship owners are required to move fast to capture interesting opportunities and by the time they have the funding at hand projects are already gone.

Possible Loan-project of a ship owner: Oil-Tanker


oceanis through its transparent and global platform approach is the perfect tool to tender financing requests. We are able to help in sourcing, benchmarking and closing the best offers in the market. Using oceanis not only helps in finding an interested capital provider, it also provides certainty to get the best possible terms. In addition, oceanis minimises the time and associated costs in the sourcing process.

- Fastest way to source debt financing

- Benchmark offers from existing financiers

- Transparent market overview

- Direct access to global and various types of capital

The results

Raised money
3x faster
Saved 30%
in admin costs
Benchmarking of 30+
debt providers
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