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Debt provider, financier and bank project overview for digital ship finance / Container vessel

The Market

Debt Provider Perspective

Challenge for financiers, banks and funds: Find the right ship finance project at the right time


New institutions have entered the shipping finance market to take over the funding gap left behind by traditional sources and are eager for asset backed financing. However, these institutions are new to the market and run their portfolios with comparably small teams. They are facing the challenge of sourcing quality transaction opportunities in a global market and deploy their capital in an efficient manner. Placing their product directly with private SME owners proves to be difficult.

Possible project to be invested by a financier, bank or funds: Bulk-carrier


oceanis through its transparent and global platform approach is the perfect tool to tender financing requests. We are able to help in sourcing, benchmarking and closing the best offers in the market. Using oceanis not only helps in finding an interested capital provider, it also provides certainty to get the best possible terms. In addition, oceanis minimises the time and associated costs in the sourcing process.

- Fastest way to source debt financing

- Benchmark offers from existing financiers

- Transparent market overview

- Direct access to global and various types of capital

The results

Deployed capital
Saved in
admin costs
Doubled deal